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What LLC’s are associated with the store?

Each store is its own entity. HEMP (Elev8 Glass Gallery Presents HEMP) Higher Elevations LLC Elev8 Glass Gallery (Tejon) Elev8 Glass LLC Elev8 Distribution (Distributor of our goods) Elev8 Distribution LLC Elev8 Premier Glass Studio Elev8 Premier LLC Atom Sun Management Atom Sun LLC  

How Often Do We Get Inventory?

We get new inventory randomly but we do get a few shipments a week. We get more shipments in at Hemp because they have more space and then we bring it over to Elev8.

How To Clean The Bathrooms At HEMP & Elev8

Cleaning the restroom is an essential thing for good moral and good hygiene.  Here is the process we use at Elev8 Distribution Gather all cleaning supplies toilet bowl cleaner lysol cleaner (mix 10 parts water to 1 part cleaner in a spray bottle) Windex mop and bucket clean rag Use the toilet bowl cleaner and …

Protected: Things To Do On The First Day Of Hire

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Glass Decals Procedure Manual

Decals must be done properly or they will be crap and make the glass crap.  Please be careful when doing these   Tools you will need to complete this task: One Squeegee, One Pair of Scissors, One Clean Cloth / Rag, One Water Bowl, Decals, and paper towels Before you start placing the glass decals …

Protected: How To Handle Vendors

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How to restart the internet at Elev8 (HEMP) Paonia

If the internet on the computer is not working, check your phone to make sure it is not just a computer issue. If your phone is not connecting to Elev8’s internet, it is an internet issue and not the computer. To fix follow the steps below: Go into the back room and go upstairs. Walk …

How To Listen To Audible Books

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First in, First out, Restocking Rules

First in, First out, means that the older inventory items get sold first. If you are restocking cigarettes, cigarillos, wraps or the retail fridge you want to take the older inventory out and place the new inventory in the back and the older inventory in the front. This helps keep our inventory fresh.

How To Spot Counterfeit Money

Counterfeit money is imitation currency produced without the legal sanction of the state government. There are multiple ways to check and make sure the money you are taking is not counterfeit money. PENS: We have pens located on each register that mark fake bills black if it is a real bill it will be a …