Where Can I Find How To Videos & Instagram Videos?

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We have a lot of great videos for you to learn products and to post videos up on Instagram.


All QUIKC INFO videos can be found in this google drive.

How To Sell 7th Floor product videos

Sales Training On The Art Of Vaporizing

Sales training on the Phoenix Oath Glass Replacement Plan

Sales Training for 7th Floor Grinders

Elev8 Sales Training EOK (essential oil kit)

Learn about the custom repeatable glass for the 7th Floor line of Vapes

Learning about Dab Straws and other concentrate devices Elev8 Distribution sells

Waxmaxer personal portable vaporizer

All about glass, and glass objections.

Overcoming Elev8R Vaporizer Sales Objections

Sales objections The Da Buddha vaporizer

Sales objections super surfer vaporizer

Pro Trim Elite sales objections

Sales Training: The Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Sales Training: Super Surfer Vaporizer

Sales Training: SideKick Portable Vaporizer

Sales Training: ELEV8R Vaporizer

Sales Training: 7th Floor Grinders and Jars

Sales Training: ELEV8 Premier Pipes

Sales Training: Pro Trim Elite

Sales Training: Concentrates in the 7th Floor Desktop Vaporizers

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