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  1. Pick out what glass you plan on talking out.
  2. Write “Price List”
    1. Piece Name and Artist Name
    2. Original Price
    3. Sale Price
    4. Discount %
  3. Set up Tripod in Desiderd spot
  4. Set up Glass. Make it look pretty on the table.
  5. Set up Ipad
  6. Go live 3 time Start and end the first 2 after 30 seconds and start on the third
  7. Talk about all the Elev8 stuff Throughout the show
    1. (upcoming Events, Elev8YourCity, Elev8 presents, Etc.
  8. Have fun engage with people in your live.
  9. Talk about glass
  10. Mention the Glassblower interviews on
    1. Talk about any new blogs we have
    2. Talk about our Cannabis Encyclopedia on Elev8
  11. At the end recap (prices, upcoming events, elev8yourcity ,etc.)
  12. Ask them to tag some friend and spread the word of Elev8 (MIND – BODY – SPIRIT)
  13. End live save to ipad and to the Elev8 Glass Gallery IG

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