How To Reply To A Bad Google Review

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  1. Before beginning your response to a review, take a deep breath. You don’t ever want to be angry when you respond.
  2. It’s vital that you apologize, even if it wasn’t your fault!
  3. Remind the reviewer that their experience did not align with what your business typically strives for (you can tie in your apology here).
  4. If the reviewer did leave any positive comments, make sure to re-enforce them, reminding them that their entire experience wasn’t bad.
  5. You can also take the experience offline. You can ask the reviewer to give you a call or visit your business so you can better understand the problem and to make things right.
  6. Although you want to make everyone happy, unfortunately, you can’t please everyone! Don’t dwell on one negative review. Take this experience and figure out what you can do to make your business better.
  7. Lastly, some negative reviews aren’t all that bad. If your potential customers only see positive reviews, they may think they’re fake. Negative reviews reveal authenticity, allowing your business to show that you are human and mistakes can happen!
  1. Reply quickly. Your reviewer took the time to post a review, so you should follow suit and respond as quickly as possible. 24-48 hours is the best timeframe, but it’s not a magic number. Even if it’s after the two-day mark, it’s still important to reply!
  2. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you had a bad experience at your favorite store or restaurant, what would you want to hear from the business if you left a negative review? Always keep your customers’ perspective at the forefront.
  3. Watch your tone. We mentioned how you should never respond to reviews when you’re angry, but even if you’ve calmed down, your tone can still come across as defensive or rude if you’re not careful. Before you post the reply to their review, think back to tip two and slide into their shoes. Is it something you would want to hear? If you answered no, then it’s back to the drawing board!

Why Do Customers Leave Negative Reviews?

You may be wondering, why do customers leave more negative reviews than positive ones?

Well, there are a few reasons (and these reasons tie back into the steps to take when responding to those reviews).

  1. They want you to say “sorry.”
  2. They want potential customers to know about your bad experience.
  3. Some customers want you to be more honest (mostly about your business policies).
  4. A lot of customers are looking for financial reimbursement.

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