How To Do A Basic Giveaway Structure

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Basic Giveaway Structure — any variation of this wording:

Simply follow @elev8glassgallery and (affiliate page), double tap this post to like it, and tag (2-4) friends in the comments who would also like a chance at some FREE (product). All steps have to be completed by MIDNIGHT MST (   / / )! The winner will be randomly chosen from the names that completed all (3) steps and announced on (selected feed) the next day! (INCLUDE ANY SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS HERE). Instagram is in no way affiliated with this giveaway. Must be 18 or older. (optional) No private accounts.


Snowlabs giveaway —

Stoners and good music have gone together since the first joint was lit. Want a chance to snag this beautiful @snowlabmusic bong before they go on sale? Simply follow @snowlabmusic and @elev8glassgallery, like this post, and tag (2) friends to spread the word. Help our homie reach 1,000 followers!! You have until MIDNIGHT MST 6/10/16 to enter and the winner will be announced on @snowlabmusic feed the next day! Let’s get Elev8ed with Snowlabs!! Must be 18 or older. Instagram is in no way affiliated. No private accounts.


If you need to have the winner pay shipping please send them this link

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