How to Calibrate a Scale

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  1. Locate the store’s calibration weights and a flat surface that is as level as possible.

  1. Place the scale on the flat surface.

  2. Turn the scale on by using the on/off button. The screen should display 0.0

  1. Press and hold mode for 3 to 5 seconds until the screen displays CAL.


  1. Press the mode button one more time, you do not have to hold it. The screen should then display a calibration weight.

  2. Place the correct weights on the center of the scale.

  1. The screen should then say pass. Some scales may display another calibration weight, if so place the correct weight on it until it says pass.

  1. Remove calibration weight(s).

  2. Place a different weight on the scale to make sure it is correctly calibrated.

If these steps do not work on the particular scale you are calibrating it may have a different way of calibration, please read instructions in the box.

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