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Both Elev8 locations have a loyalty program, they are NOT connected. The loyalty program is beneficial to both us and the customer. It helps us keep track of each customers sales, receipts, and it gives us general information about them. If the customer is in the loyalty program it makes them eligible for discounts. It also keeps track of their transactions so if they ever lose a receipt we can easily pull it up. Each time you ring a customer up, ask if they are in the loyalty program. If they are not, ask them if you can sign them up. To sign up it requires a last name, first name, email and phone number. Some customers may not want to put their information in so they can give us a nickname or makeup a name as long as they remember it.  If the customer does not want to disclose both the email and phone number, just have them give you one of the two so we can contact them. Email is preferred because we can send full ads out for our sales/parties instead of just a text. We send out mass emails and texts to loyalty members to inform them we are having a sale or a party. We only send texts and emails out a few times a year so you can let people know we won’t be blowing them up. Once they are added to the loyalty program make sure to add their name to each transaction they do so the receipt saves under their name. If someone comes in with a defective item or wants to exchange something you can just look up their name in sales history. As long as the associate that rang them up put their name in, the receipt will be there. Each customer will get a punch card, after five punches they get 25 percent off. You can let the customers know when they sign up that they get 15 percent off every time they’re in the store but they have to ask for it.


Steps for signing customers up for the loyalty program:

  1. Log into QuickBooks.

  1. Go to make a sale.

  1. Type their last name in the Enter customer name or phone bar.

  1. Click add new customer at the bottom of the drop down bar.

  2. Add their first name, phone number, and email.

  3. Save the customer.

  1. Give them a punch card with their first punch.

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