The Stereo Speakers At Elev8 Downtown Are Not Working Inside

The first thing you need to make sure is that pandora is playing on the computer.  You can also make a double check by seeing if it is playing outside.  If it is playing outside we have the audio at the reciever.

First thing is make sure it is on the  SA -CD/CD

How To Run The Kiln For Decals

  1. 1Fill the kiln with glass, then close the door. There are ceramic blocks by the kiln. Use one of these and put them infront of the kiln doors to prevent them from flying open.
  2. Next youre going to run the kiln by pressing the Start/Stop button until the red light goes from “Program” to “Run” and the display screen will show “Strt” for the word start. You will press the Start/Stop button one more time and the display screen will show “ON.” You will hear a “click” and that means the kiln has began to run. You will notice the temperature beginning to rise. (Note: In total you will be pressing the Start/Stop button 17 times. This is the only button you need to press.)